We are the chessboxing family

What is the WCBO and why has it been founded?

The WCBO was founded in 2003 by the inventor of Chessboxing and current WCBO president, Iepe Rubingh, right before the first official chessboxing Event at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. The idea was to institutionalize it as the one worldwide organisation which assembles all chessboxing organisations and events throughout the world. In 2014, the WCBO became legally recognized as a non-profit association by the Berlin district court. As a result, the World Chess Boxing Organisation e.V. is now, since the 30th of April 2014, the umbrella organisation for chessboxing as an amateur and mass sport. It assembles and connects all the chessboxing clubs and associations throughout the world. 


How Decisions are made

There are 2 main boards the governing body and the general assembly. The general assembly has democratic votes on all big decisions made by the WCBO. Each member has one vote. Each ordinary member (national association or club) is represented by its president. The governing body is built by the president, the vice president and the treasurer.  

A full version of the statutes can be downloaded below.


Statutes of the World Chess Boxing Organisation
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